About us


Unity Memoria Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital with dedicated care and modern facilities. Hospital is equipped with required latest medical gadgets, offering affordable health care to all sections of the society. Our aim is to provide accessible, affordable, holistic health care including tertiary care.

We also produce a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Strategy to help us outline how the hospital will give back to the community in the form of health care and other community health services to address unmet community needs. we are known for providing award-winning, compassionate and patient-centered care.Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in medical care is a major reason our patients and their families choose Unity Memoria Hospital. It is also the reason why we've received many awards and recognitions both regionally and nationally.

Our Commitment towards the Society

Every day, Unity Memorial Hospital carries out its mission to improve the health of patients and community members through innovation and excellence in clinical care, education, research and service. In 2015, Memorial Hospital invested more than $542 million in community benefit, and over $700 million in community investments, serving more than 1 million Canada residents.

Since its inception in 2011, the hospital has carved out a niche as a comprehensive & cost-effective professional medical care provider with a strong adherence to ethics and a clear focus on bettering the health and lifestyle of the people and has become the hospital of choice for both patients and leading consultants. This vision of achieving & delivering excellent clinical expertise is a team approach – shared by all the nursing, clinical and support staff and is reflected in the quality outcomes, which is unsurpassed in the private sector.

Unity Memorial Hospital committed to providing complete, quality healthcare for our community; and a top health need identified by all statewide communities served by Memorial Hospital. We are focusing on the needs of the underserved to create initiatives and support efforts that both educate community members to understand and navigate the healthcare system and also to increase the availability of low-cost services and provide financial assistance.

Our Doctors

No matter your stage in life, we have a health plan for you.

Dr. Melissa Smith
Dr. Josh Henderson
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Christinne Jones
Dr. William Stan
General Practicioner